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US-4470115-A: Input/output method patent, US-4547643-A: Temperature sensing probe for microwave oven application patent, US-4574799-A: Gas mask construction patent, US-4677245-A: Novel motor fuel alkylation process patent, US-4678792-A: Quaternary 3,4-dihydro-isoquinolinium salts patent, US-4724414-A: Electrical switch device patent, US-4759626-A: Determination of best focus for step and repeat projection aligners patent, US-4774478-A: Feedback amplifier compensation circuitry patent, US-4883873-A: Methacryloxy-containing compounds patent, US-4887918-A: Drawn cup roller bearing patent, US-4920218-A: Novel hydroxide mediated FK-506 rearrangement process patent, US-4932001-A: Reducing power consumption in on-chip memory devices patent, US-5100331-A: Current conductor connector to bridge over conductor interruptions between mutually rotating parts patent, US-5130571-A: Optimizing speed and charge injection parameters of a switched capacitor circuit patent, US-5199960-A: Sulfur coupled hydrocarbyl derived mercaptobenzothiazole adducts as multifunctional antiwear additives and compositions containing same patent, US-5497093-A: Method and apparatus for diagnosing a twin-coil, bi-stable, magnetically latched solenoid patent, US-5510616-A: Cigarette density profile measurement system patent, US-5532979-A: Towed array strain-sensing noise canceller patent, US-5563289-A: Process for preparing acetoxystyrene patent, US-5564456-A: Method for mitigating slugs in a pipeline patent, US-5708547-A: Magnetic disk cartridge patent, US-5875935-A: Apparatus for assisting the discharge of slow-flowing bulk goods from containers patent, US-5909471-A: Method and system for rapid initial control signal detection in a wireless communications system patent, US-5955068-A: Biodegradable polanhydrides derived from dimers of bile acids, and use thereof as controlled drug release systems patent, US-6009379-A: Method for controlling manufacturing processes via efficient experimental patent, US-6143494-A: Poliovirus specific primers and methods of detection utilizing the same patent, US-6604692-B2: Heatable windshield washer nozzle patent, US-6707570-B1: Image printing system and method of controlling operation of same patent, US-6747518-B1: CDR lock detector with hysteresis patent, US-3849906-A: Rotary fluid applicator patent, US-3858141-A: Reduced actuation time thermal relay system patent, US-3860886-A: Dye laser and method patent, US-3875499-A: Gas detection system patent, US-3887471-A: Transmitting power meter for measurement of radiation patent, US-3889802-A: Belt conveyor and method for operating such a conveyor patent, US-3902430-A: Conveyor system patent, US-3903434-A: Controllable voltage divider patent, US-3917919-A: Switch lock assembly patent, US-3938273-A: Firearm having two pivoted props patent, US-3963740-A: Benzo and benzothiopyranoindazole N-oxides patent, US-3972307-A: Movable fence to control cattle pasturage patent, US-3981580-A: Method and a system for concurrently copying both sides of an original patent, US-3982431-A: Control system for borehole sensor patent, US-3982641-A: Hopper car door actuating mechanism patent, US-3987510-A: Method of making footwear patent, US-4023963-A: Process for the direct reduction of minerals on a continuous grate patent, US-4072385-A: Bayonet connection between two electrically conductive components patent, US-4111098-A: Carbide hobbing machine patent, US-4167122-A: Pressure sensing cell for force-balance transmitter patent, US-4175850-A: Control system for a reciprocating carriage drive system patent, US-4203454-A: Snuff projector patent, US-4216183-A: Method for making furnace lining patent, US-4249619-A: Deviated drilling apparatus patent, US-4258439-A: Convertible garment patent, US-4310744-A: A.C. Arc welder patent, US-4331444-A: Competitive immunoassay using silver halide fogging agent patent, US-4450425-A: Apparatus for remote closing of fuse circuits patent, US-4465061-A: Solar energy heating panel patent, US-4473781-A: Control device for a brushless D. C. motor patent, US-4541172-A: Iodide treatment of manganese dioxide patent, US-4551750-A: Color picture reading system patent, US-4558223-A: Electronic x-ray recording patent, US-4623386-A: Carbothermal method of producing cobalt-boron and/or nickel-boron patent, US-4633005-A: Method for the preparation of allyl phosphonate diesters patent, US-4643543-A: Mirror optic article patent, US-4659854-A: Method of preparing dialkylphenylphosphonates patent, US-4669861-A: Electrophotographic recording apparatus patent, US-4677173-A: Process for the production of suspension polymerizates patent, US-4683409-A: Stabilizing arrangement for a stepping motor patent, US-4736051-A: Process for the preparation of an alkali metal salt of a diester phosphoric acid patent, US-4761739-A: Density correcting method and apparatus for energy substraction image patent, US-4772250-A: Variable transmission gear, particularly for bicycles patent, US-4811492-A: Cant angle sensor assembly patent, US-4832668-A: Power transmission chain patent, US-4838349-A: Apparatus for testing selected zones of a subterranean bore patent, US-4839441-A: Polyesteramides, polyetheresteramides and process for preparation thereof patent, US-4941878-A: Ostomy pouch flusher patent, US-4952968-A: Apparatus for the formation of images patent, US-4992424-A: Antiparasitic avermectin derivatives patent, US-4996440-A: Device for measuring dimensions patent, US-5055293-A: Biological pesticide patent, US-5127073-A: Active device mount with push-pull optical fiber connector receptacle patent, US-5183000-A: Method for cleaning boat hulls patent, US-5258387-A: Tricyclic pyridone derivatives patent, US-5282679-A: Article of furniture patent, US-5615632-A: Underwater vehicle and a fin assembly therefor patent, US-5700944-A: Process for the production of pyridinecarboxylic acids patent, US-5778103-A: OCR image pre-processor patent, US-5793514-A: Optical scanner for finite conjugate applications patent, US-5806677-A: Double-pocketed article for containing photos, prints and the like patent, US-5861454-A: Rubber composition containing carbon fibrils and a pneumatic tire patent, US-6055178-A: Magnetic random access memory with a reference memory array patent, US-6097261-A: Nonreciprocal microwave component having adjustable magnetic field strength patent, US-6100264-A: 5H, 10H-imidazo [1,2-A] indeno [1,2-E] pyrazin-4-one derivatives, their preparation, their intermediates and medicaments containing them patent, US-6103716-A: Pyrido(3,2,1-ij)-1,3,4-benzoxadiazine patent, US-6127275-A: Process depending on plasma discharges sustained by inductive coupling patent, US-6381173-B1: Serial-flash, EPROM, EEPROM and flash EEPROM nonvolatile memory in AMG configuration patent, US-6433539-B2: Increment transducer and absolute angle transducer means for redundant reliable angular position detection and detection method using same patent, US-6490416-B1: Focal plane shutter having synchronous contact member patent, US-6621284-B2: Post-package trimming of analog integrated circuits patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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